Another Punk Legend Befriends a Dance-Music Goof: Iggy Pop and Fatboy Slim on Letterman Last Night


Now that the Jimmy Fallon/Thurston Moore clothing mystery is solved, let’s direct your attention to the fact that Iggy Pop actually wore a shirt for his entire appearance on Letterman last night. Mr. Pop was there to sing lead with Fatboy Slim’s Brighton Port Authority project on their cover of the Monochrome Set’s “Hey Frank.” This song is old news by press-cycle standards, but one supposes that when a publicist can guarantee these two guys in a room, Letterman’s booker just asks St. Vincent to reschedule for Thursday or something. Anyway, this version of “Hey Frank” was kind of crap, bulldozed by the Paul Shaffer Band’s cheesy horns, but it’s tough not to feel misty-eyed for late-night sidekicks today. Hence, it’s endearing to see Iggy sidle up to Paul and pat the back of his waxy noggin–a gesture that came off as both affectionate and vaguely patronizing, a silent I wrote “The Passenger” you wrote “It’s Raining Men”/ Nice to see you again. Lastly, an open question: why do punk legends like to befriend dance-music schlubs ten years too late?