Bloody Ad Campaign Encourages Drivers to Stop Killing Cyclists


Nagging cyclists to stop breaking traffic rules is just one prong of the drive to keep two-wheelers safe. You also have to get drivers of motor vehicles to stopping dooring, crowding, and otherwise menacing cyclists. New York City Bicycle Safety Coalition, working with the Department of Transportation, has put out a “LOOK” ad campaign showing the gruesome aftermaths of bike accidents — not quite at the old driver’s ed safety film level, but bloody enough to command attention, which is just what the tag line asks for: “The Best Protection a Cyclist Has is Our Attention.” You can see more of their media outreach here. The Times compares this approach to that of the anti-smoking ads you see on the subway. Of course, those presume the viewer will take an interest in his own well-being; the LOOK campaign wants you to watch out for someone else, which is less compelling. Maybe next time they can show some drivers who hurt cyclists going to jail — though of course that might be too unrealistic to do any good.