Booze News–Beer Cocktails & Pimm’s Cups-a-Go-Go


EU officials in Brussels are blocking the sale of lower alcohol wines developed by New World wine regions. One method to make low-alcohol wine involves harvesting grapes which are immature and have a low sugar level, the second uses fully matured grapes to produce a normal wine, from which alcohol is extracted through techniques such as reverse osmosis.
[Times UK]

Tis the season of the Pimm’s Cup, and many a mixologist is reinventing the summery drink this season. Jacques Bezuidenhout of Nios in Times Square created the Zin Cup, a sort of British sangria incorporating red zinfandel and ginger beer. Brian McGrory of Double Crown on the Bowery mixes Pimm’s with Polish bison-grass vodka, along with freshly pressed apple juice and a dose of St-Germain elderflower liqueur.
[NY Times]

One week moderate drinking is good for you, the next week it’s bad. But some scientists say that no study has ever proved a causal relationship between moderate drinking and lower risk of death even though the two often go together. It may be that moderate drinkers are just overall healthier people.
[NY Times]

The Duvel–Flemish for devil–cocktail incorporates Belgian beer, gin, tonic and a twist of lemon, and is part of a growing trend of drinks mixed with beer. Once considered declasse, contemporary versions of these cocktail include ingredients such as spicy peppers and fresh juices.
[Globe and Mail]

A new ad campaign for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is targeting those who typically drink so-called brown goods like pricey Scotches and whiskys. One ad reads: “Looking for a good Scotch? May we suggest a rum.” Another ad claims it’s “the rum that needs nothing,” and is meant to convey that rum can be a sipping drink rather than just an ingredient in a cocktail.
[NY Times]