Coup in Review: Dueling Majorities! GOP, Dem Senators Ignore Each Other in Chamber


The Republicans have joined the Democrats in the state senate chamber, where senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins has been standing at the podium since the Dems barricaded themselves in around 12:30 p.m. Liz Benjamin reports that GOP senator George Winner tried to take the podium but “one of the sergeants at arms blocked Winner’s way. The two exchanged words, and then Winner backed down. He’s now presiding over the chamber from the well (the area right in front of the rostrum…)” See, it’s just like our graphic has been telling you — it really is like the English Civil War, except as performed by suburban American politicians of less than average intelligence.

The Democrats apparently sat there, not responding to the Republicans, not even standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, until 3 p.m., at which point Stewart-Cousins gaveled the senate into session, as far as Democrats were concerned. And so did Winner, as far as Republicans were concerned. Then they started talking over one another.

Everyone’s still waiting for Paterson, who is alleged to be waiting for senate bills to be copied. The GOP’s Dean Skelos says the session is “adjourned”; the Dems’ Malcolm Smith says the senate “stands at ease.”

Update: And “senate stands at ease” is what the on-again, off-again senate video feed says, too. The Democrats have control of the transmitters! All is lost!

More nuttiness as it develops.