Cuomo Shuts Down Felon-Staffed, Cop-Impersonating Debt Collectors


Crimebustin’ AG Andrew Cuomo dished out more justice today, and it has to do with those rat-bastard debt collection agencies the Voice likes to get after, too. Cuomo got a court order to shut down one Tobias Boyland of Buffalo, who runs a chain of collection agencies. Boyland’s employees apparently impersonated officers of the law in phone calls to deadbeats, and threatened to arrest them. “Make sure you have somewhere for your kids to go, lock up your house, get some clean clothes,” said one such customer service agent on a tape Cuomo played for reporters, “because you’re not coming home anytime soon.” When the AG’s agents went to get Boyland, they found a loaded pistol on him, for which he was immediately charged and taken into custody; we assume charges of impersonating an officer and fraud are pending.

Turns out Boyland and his business associates are ex-cons. A contributor to the Who Calls Me phone-tracing site claims Boylan is “a convicted drug dealer,” and that he and his partners “buy old debts, use people’s ss# to blackmail them for money, use it to buy drugs.” That story has been spread around, but Dateline NBC reported Boyland actually went in for armed robbery, and liked to drive around in a car emblazoned with a “Thug Motivation” logo.