Paradiso Girls & Their Patron–A New Tequila Song Hits The Clubs


Maybe we’ve been too focused on devastating food industry documentaries and robots taking over the restaurant industry to notice, but it appears that Paradiso Girls, a sort of Spice Girls 2.0, has the hottest new club anthem… and it’s about getting wasted on Patron tequila.

The refrain goes:

I want Patron, tequila
I’m drunk on margaritas
And Patron, tequila
Me and my mamacita

The Patron people have responded to the video on our friend Camper English’s booze blog Alcademics:

“The song is catchy, yes, and we wish Paradiso Girls much success with it, but in no way is it ‘brought to you by Patron Tequila.’ The band named and recorded that song independently on their own, without any involvement from The Patron Spirits Company. And while we’re flattered that they enjoy Patron tequila enough to sing about it, we certainly don’t endorse the lyrics about irresponsible consumption of our, or any, beverage alcohol product. As a matter of fact, all of our advertising includes a message to drink responsibly.”

Sure, they probably aren’t thrilled about the line “By the end of the night I’m gonna have you drunk and throwing up/By the end of the night I’m gonna have you so! messed! up!” but they probably aren’t rushing to take any legal action against the Girls for using their name.

Besides, it looks like Best Buy got the best part of the product placement action in this video.