Which One of You Jerks Spilled Whiskey on Mika Miko’s Amp in Brooklyn?


One of you out there owes no-wave ladymen Mika Miko $300 for dumping whiskey on their amp in Brooklyn, weekend before last. They had no idea you’d gotten all drunk and tilt-a-whirly and poured liquor on their gear, so they turned it on, and KABLOOEY. Since you weren’t wo/man enough to fess up when this happened, perhaps you would consider anonymously donating some money to their PayPal account, created specifically for the purpose of helping them recoup the unexpected, mid-tour loss of three Jeffersons. Here’s the PayPal e-mail address and everything (, along the MySpace bulletin where they bemoan your sorry hit-and-run self. Now do the right thing, will ya?

Hey! So as you all may have heard, my amp was broken in Brooklyn. Some asshole decided to spill their whiskey all over it before we played and I unknowingly turned it on and blew out all the output tubes and short circuited the board (????).

So basically it cost a FORTUNE ($300 bones) to repair on the road, which sucks because I just spent 200 dollars before we left getting it fixed. SO IT SUCKS!!!

PLEASE buy our merch when you come to our shows, dude! COME TO OUR SHOWS, PERIOD!

It would help out so much!!!! Or even if you want to donate a dollar because you feel my tour pain, that would be great, too. <3333333333

Thank you for reading this.