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On July 4th, an epic battle will be waged. Although American freedom remains secure, one coveted Yellow Mustard Belt is now at stake. This Independence Day, Nathan’s Famous will host its 94th International Hot Dog Eating Contest at its flagship restaurant in Coney Island. Last year, 40,000 fans saw Joey Chestnut of San Jose, California, beat six-time winner, Takeru Kobayashi of Japan, for the second time. Now, these two hot dog–eating heavyweights will face off again, with Italy’s mighty champion, Franco Camerini, and promising American contender Eater X also weighing in. Can Chestnut keep his title, or will one of the other 20 steel-stomached contestants snatch it away? Richard Shea of Major League Eating predicts, “It’s going to be dog-for-dog, bite-for-bite, swallow-for-swallow.” Don’t miss this food fight for the record books.

Sat., July 4, noon, 2009

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