Beekeepers Swarm Water Taxi Beach; Toll House Recall A Wake-up Call


Beekeepers swarmed Water Taxi Beach Monday night for the Beekeepers Ball, which kicked off Pollinator Week, a week dedicated to promoting beekeeping. Beekeeping is illegal in New York City, but a bill to lift the ban has been introduced and is currently awaiting a hearing.
[NY Times]

Fast-food chains face yet another difficulty: the latest minimum wage hike, which kicks in next month. Job cuts are possible, although this will be difficult to do without affecting customer service. Instead, chains will likely try training and employee retention programs.

Aside from Sam on Cheers, it’s rare to meet a bartender who doesn’t drink. Same goes for restaurant workers. Working in the hospitality business is difficult for those who have given up alcohol, but some teetotalers are able to make it work.
[NY Times]

Shocker! A new study links eating well to living a longer life. Those with the best diets reduced their risk of death by up to 25 percent over a 10-year follow-up, according to a CUNY researcher. More than 350,000 men and women participated in the study.

Sure, it’s terrible that dozens of people were sickened by Toll House cookie dough, but was the Nestle recall the wake-up call people needed? After all, making your own Toll House cookies is so easy that there’s really no excuse for buying the pre-packaged dough.
[Washington Post]