Board Approves 3 and 6 Percent Rent Hikes


Despite public pressure, the Rent Guidelines Board approved rent hikes of three and six percent for one- and two-year leases, respectively. At least one board member, Ronald Languedoc (a tenant activist! How’d he get on there?) moved for a rent freeze instead, which the board declined to consider. Protesters put tape over their mouths to symbolize their voicelessness (look, there’s
Reverend Billy in the middle!), a nice change from the usual whistles and yelling and every bit as effective, then stormed out of the meeting. Don’t worry, renters: the Times says you can find bargains (two stops closer to Manhattan, only $1,700! Why, we spend that in a month on heroin!) or renegotiate your rent; we tried the latter with our landlady, and as soon as she stops laughing we’re sure she’ll eschew the extra money the Board has allowed her to charge on our new lease. It’s not as if anyone else wants to live here. Photo (c) michaelpremo.