Coup in Review: 10-Minute Session Accomplishes Nothing (Update: 3rd Special Session Called)


Paterson got his second special session — all ten minutes of it. The Democrats went it alone, and without Espada and the Republicans had no quorum to conduct business. (Why, it’s as if no one respects him!) In fact, no one knows whether the bills “passed” in the chaos of yesterday’s session are “even legit,” either. Meanwhile the judge — look, it’s poor Acting Supreme Court Justice Thomas J. McNamara again! This will be great in the movie! — has declined to give the GOP the temporary restraining order they’d sought against Secretary of the Senate Aponte, and said he would consider the case at length but hoped they could take care of their own business eventually.

The new theory is that, in order to bolster the legitimacy of his actions, Paterson will next try to call both houses into session and see if they show up.

Update: The Syracuse Post-Standard says Paterson has called a third session for tomorrow — despite the apparent eagerness of Democratic senators, at least, to leave town. The scuttlebutt is that Sheldon Silver is preparing to drum up an assembly session to go with, so the legitimacy of the senate’s resolutions, if any, may be harder to question.