Coup in Review: Dems Lock In, GOP Goes to Court


The state senate Democrats liked the way things went yesterday so much that they once again started the new special session early, locking themselves into the chamber this morning, and holding the podium by sticking Dems up there in two-hour shifts. (The special session is called for 3 p.m.) Now it’s the Republicans’ turn to go to court, asking a judge to keep Secretary of the Senate Angelo Aponte, who’s in with the Dems, from thwarting them by letting the Democrats hog the podium, keeping pending bills out of their hands, etc. Governor Paterson has sent in 10 bills he wants considered today, including the gay marriage one. It is rumored the Democrats will get Aponte to pipe in Liza Minnelli songs to throw gay marriage opponent Ruben Diaz Sr. off-balance.