New York movies don’t get much better than Sidney Lumet’s gritty 1975 Dog Day Afternoon, based on the true story of a couple of bumbling young guys who attempted to rob a Brooklyn branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank on August 22, 1972. A feisty Al Pacino plays the first-time robber Sonny Wortzik, who needed the money to pay for his boyfriend’s sex-change operation; John Cazale is his crazed partner in crime, Sal. A realistic, streetwise portrayal in true Lumet fashion, the film takes us into the suspenseful hostage situation inside the bank, the media circus that ensues, and the pressure-filled stand-off with the police. Anyone who sees it tonight at Bryant Park and is familiar with the Brooklyn neighborhood Windsor Terrace will notice that all the exterior shots—including the famous scene of Pacino leading the spectators to chant “Attica!”—were filmed on Prospect Park West at 17th Street. Go Brooklyn!

Mon., July 6, 5 p.m., 2009