In Praise of The Awl’s “Public Apology” Column


NYC-media liberal-elite types are most probably already acquainted with The Awl, a Gawker-alumni-heavy carnival of gossip, irreverence, and occasional profundity. The site’s star attraction is Dave Bry’s “Public Apology” column, wherein he begs forgiveness for a wide variety of hilariously unpleasant transgressions, many of them music-oriented. Today, hot on the heels of “Dear Black Sabbath, I’m sorry I didn’t vote for you in the “favorite band” poll Betsy Schroeder conducted for a science project when we were in seventh grade” (he voted for Men at Work) comes “Dear Bob Mould, I’m sorry for ruining your solo acoustic concert.” Excerpt: “‘Fuck that!’ Carter yelled, while the rest of the audience clapped and cheered. ‘What is this, Jim Croce? Plug that thing in, Bob! We wanna fuckin’ rock!’ Of course, you aren’t Jim Croce.” I eagerly await Dave’s apology to Jim.