L.A. Times Writer Comes to New York, Browbeats Citizens, Goes to Union Pool


Like Robert Burns said, it’s a gift to see ourselves as others see us. What Los Angeles Times travel writer Mark Milian sees on a recent visit is Soho and Williamsburg and some punks who won’t give him good information. Milian, who comes from Jersey and whose usual beat is technology, starts by complaining that ours is one of only two cities “where readers didn’t send me any solid suggestions of places to go,” so he is forced to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex, from which he is turned away because of a “private party.” They must never do this in L.A., because Millan is much put out, and in his rage accosts two guys in Soho with “What’s there to do tonight? Any concerts?” They are quiet at first, probably sensing a sting operation, but finally Milian squeezes from one of them that there’s a CD release party that night at Bowery Electric.

“I didn’t feel like waiting around in New York’s ultra-chic shopping district for three hours to go to a release party for some CD by some band I’d never heard of,” says a grateful Milian, so he meets a friend for drinks, who takes him to places that you can also find with a random copy of Time Out New York: McSorley’s, then over the bridge to “a bar called Union Pool,” and Barcade.

Milian’s next stop is D.C., where he plans to go to a club where one of his friends is playing. Yet another journalistic genre improved by blogging! We’re going to try and get the Voice to send us to Paris. What’s to do there, and can we crash on your couch?