Photo of Flipped Dirty Projectors Van Not Exactly An Advertisement for Driving, Detroit, Touring in General


Well that’s terrifying. First the Dirty Projectors were reported to have been in a “pretty bad” auto accident outside of Detroit yesterday. Early reports made it sound like one or more of them had been seriously hurt. An official statement quickly cleared things up (“Although the crash was serious, we’re happy to report that all members of the band have been safely discharged from the hospital”) and now the band has posted about the ordeal on their MySpace page.

We’re O.K.!!!

    Hi everyone

Some of you may have heard that we were in a pretty serious accident today. We are all pretty much fine- all walking and talking and all of that- just a little sore and a little shaken.

After stopping at a fruit stand at about 3pm today, we got back on the highway headed towards Toronto. At about 3:15, on the other side of the highway, a semi-truck moved into the left lane, not seeing the car that was there, and sent the car flying out of control over the meridian and right at us. The car hit us in the back and sent us flying onto our side, at which point we slid quite a ways down the road. Everyone was wearing a seatbelt except for Dave and Brian, but they and all of the rest of us luckily came out fine! the other car was also remarkably ok!

The whole thing was quite surreal; there were hugs and tears when we climbed out of the van. We all feel very fortunate right now to be walking around. Sorry about the canceled shows in Toronto and Montreal! We were really looking forward to coming up there again, but we will make it up to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for your concern and support. Looking forward to getting back out there and continuing to share music with our fans.

This is truly a charmed band if two of them made through an accident like that–you know, one that involves a car literally flying from one side of the road into the oncoming traffic of the other–sans seatbelts. Even the van fared worse–just look at that terrifying picture!

We’re O.K.!!! [Dirty Projectors]