You’ve only got one option here: Accept it as passion, or deride it as impression. Either way, The Germs, the greatest, most brutal punk band of late-’70s L.A., have reunited by slapping together the original lineup as best they could—and since nothing will reignite the brief, violent flame of original singer Darby Crash (who committed suicide in 1980), they called in a ringer on vox. And he’s an actor (quel rat!): Shane West, who portrayed Darby credibly in the 2008 band bioflick What We Do Is Secret. But the rest of the “Forming” kids are back—bassist Lorna Doom, drummer Don Bolles, and guitarist Pat Smear (who later earned a dime with Nirvana and Foo Fighters)—and they’ve murdered it at recent Warped Tours. Did you give AC/DC the surly shoulder after Bon Scott? No, so stop it now. The Germs were righteous enough to deserve our optimism; this ain’t the original, but it’s also not the expected. So you and me, let’s pretend they’re vicious. Let’s pretend they’re cool. Let’s pretend suspicious. Let’s pretend they’re fools. With Krum Bum and Bridge & Tunnel.

Thu., July 2, 8 p.m., 2009