The Afro-Punk Festival really needs no introduction, but this year’s promo poster packs a punch anyway: Jimi Hendrix, in a Misfits tee and Fugazi-stickered Strat, lit off his rocks and listening deeply to . . . well, it’s not clear what, but probably an Amethyst Rock Star or two, maybe a side of “Cybertronic Purgatory.” Find ’em all at this long, lavish weekend of concerts in the parking lot turned skate park near BAM that pulls the greatest curation under that elusive, ineffable Afro-Punk umbrella: it’s DIY rock, noise, hip-hop, poetry, poise. And for three days, it’s slam MC Saul Williams, bezerkers Afrofuturist Janelle Monáe, politico hard-rockers Living Colour, hardcore firebrands Pure Hell, late-Zep shimmiers Earl Greyhound, and . . . overstimulated you. (Event takes place at the GGMC Parking Lot at the corner of Lafayette and Flatbush avenues.)

July 4-6, 2009