Rush Limbaugh Gives Key Support to Senate Candidate Tasini


Jonathan Tasini, the labor activist who is thus far Kirsten Gillibrand’s only announced opponent for the 2010 Democratic Senate nomination, is drawing a mere four percent in the polls, far behind unannounced Gillibrand opponet Carolyn Maloney. But he got a great gift the other day from Rush Limbaugh, who called Tasini a “union thug” because of his comments on a Maria Bartiromo shout-fest about card check and class war, during which Bartiromo compared her own financial situation unfavorably to that of auto workers. Limbaugh’s remarks gave Tasini a chance to put out a “Why Is Rush Limbaugh Attacking Me?” ad and post it at places like the Huffington Post and Daily Kos. This might bump him all the way up to eight points! We know Tasini can’t afford it, but it surely must be worth something for Limbaugh to boost as-yet-unknown liberal candidates by calling them out on his show. Maybe it’s an income stream he should explore.