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Sax & Dixon: We Thee Wed Maintains Fresh-Faced Appeal


It’s June: wedding season prime time. If you find yourself scrambling to summer nuptials, you’ll be in good company at We Thee Wed at Ars Nova, a sketch comedy in which every single character is headed to the same wedding. This travel tale basically follows an independent-film formula: We meet a dozen characters the night before they leave and learn one trait that defines them; on the way to a common destination, everyone experiences wacky ups and downs in their relationships, revealing neuroses and vulnerabilities. At the party, everyone converges and gets a little wild; finally, lovable foibles are accepted and forgiven. Onstage, however, there’s a special twist: All dramatis personae are performed by co-creators Matt Sax and John Dixon.

As they scuttle around the bare playing area, evoking the entire guest list without props, costumes, or pauses, Sax and Dixon (both in their mid-twenties) maintain a certain fresh-faced appeal. That same PG-13 quality, however, holds their material back: Characters like Grandpa and a priest’s ghost-friend are ultimately not interesting enough to justify constant retreading—a function of the duo’s limited range. Jokes about mega-churches go down well, but, like many a wedding party, it feels like we stayed too long and overindulged.

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