Tonight! Chat With Iggy Pop or Weep With Camera Obscura


Besides jerking around with Iggy Pop on Letterman, newly sober dance-music goof Fatboy Slim is working on a concept album with David Byrne about Filipino sovereign Imelda Marcos, based on the pair’s 2006 stage production Here Lies Love. He plays at Terminal 5. Meanwhile, Iggy chats with the New York Times about his new French troubadour phase.

If you work downtown, take your lunch to the Staten Island Ferry’s Whitehall Terminal, where the Dances for a Variable Population company perform Fanfare, a suite composed specifically for the site.

Hearts of Darknesses mastermind Frank Musarra is noisier than Girl Talk, with whom he regularly collaborates, and just slightly less schizophrenic. He’s at the Cake Shop.

Finally, Scottish melanchoholics Camera Obscura break hearts at Webster Hall.