Beware! Quiznos Spamming Food Blogs, Must Be Desperate



Carpetbagging crap artists Quiznos blew into town a couple of years ago, and didn’t make much of a dent in our lively food scene. Their latest “look at us” tactic includes spamming food blogs by inserting offers for their substandard sandwiches in the comments sections of postings. Here is what they did to one of our Incredibly Cheap Eats pieces:


Sandy Which says:

Do you love Quiznos?

Pardon the interruption. Here is a delicious deal from Quiznos.

Quiznos FREE SUB
When you buy another Sub of equal or greater value and a Regular Fountain Drink
Print Your Free Coupon Now > [url follows]


Lame, right? Really, if we had the choice of eating a Quiznos or eating a turd, we have a pretty good idea which would taste better…