Coup in Review: Another Bogus Special Session; Parker Calls Paterson Fan of Coke, “Banging”


We get sick of telling you and you get sick of hearing it, but the state senate didn’t accomplish anything today. Each party came in, stunk the place up, and left. The Democrats win because they took an extra minute to pander, reading a proclamation on the anniversary of the death of Chabad-Lubovitch Messiah Menachem Schneerson. Also, Kevin Parker, the Brooklyn senator who likes to beat guys up (as distinct from Hiram Monserrate, who prefers to beat on women), called David Paterson New York’s “coke-sniffing, staff-banging governor.” Some people think he’s mad because the Governor is threatening to cut his and all the other state senators’ pay because they’re fucking off on the job. In fact nearly all the Democrats, including Monserrate and Boss Pedro Espada, seem mad at Paterson, which is the best recommendation for him we’ve seen in a while. Tomorrow, another special session.