Healthier Ice Cream; Greener Coffee & A Dog Fight


Mark Bittman points to an article in the SF Chronicle by his friend Marion Nestle about the benefits–or lack thereof–of organic food. Nestle answers such questions as “Aren’t organics elitist?”
[NY Times]

“In the dog-eat-dog restaurant business…” Iconic Chicago hot dog stand SuperDawg is taking New York restaurateur Danny Omari to court for trademark infringement for his new joint SuperDog on MacDougal Street. SuperDawg is not letting up, even though Omari ended up opening the restaurant officially under the name Super Hot Dog.
[Crain’s via Grub Street via Eater]

The latest trend in ice cream involves using healthy ingredients, like fresh fruit, grains, and nut milk. It doesn’t make the ice cream less fattening, but who cares? Restaurants like Golosi are selling flavors like grano (made with 17 whole grains), black sesame seed, and green tea, while Harbour is touting vanilla cashew ice cream, sweetened with agave.
[NY Daily News]

Ever notice that a regular coffee at Starbucks contains 5 calories, while an iced coffee has 90? As it turns out, the company’s iced coffee is “a delicious and refreshing blend of freshly brewed Starbucks Terraza Blend served chilled and slightly sweetened on ice.” To get your coffee unsweetened, you must request to have it “customized” that way.

In other coffee news, Nespresso, a maker of capsule-based espresso machines, has announced a new initiative called Ecolaboration that involves an in-depth examnination of its supply chain in order to reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent in four years.
[NY Times]