New York Post Scoops World with Sanford Mistress Photo!


Gotta hand it to the New York Post — everyone else is just speculating about photos of alleged Mark Sanford Argentine mistress Maria Belen Shapur (“Mark Sanford Mistress Photo Eludes Web” — AP), or using the classic come-on of headlining a post “Maria Belen Shapur Photo” and then just showing us the goddamn Sanford family, again, when we click through. But the Post has reproduced this stunning image of the Latin temptress on their website! It’s a little dark, but even backlit the lady’s an obvious stunner. Also, the Post tells, us “DETAILS EMERGE”: they tell us the woman “lives in an upscale apartment building” (which, in Argentina, means it has a flush toilet) and speaks several languages. Plus: “A witness who works in the building described her as a beautiful brunette with big eyes who plays tennis on a nearby lawn and runs every morning in her neighborhood.” Obvious this was the brief the Post’s sketch artist worked from. More DETAILS as they EMERGE!