Omar Edwards Vigil This Weekend


Sunday will mark a month since African-American police officer Omar Edwards was shot and killed by a fellow cop.

The Guardians Association, a fraternity of black officers, will observe the day with a candle light vigil in East Harlem — where attendees will march from the precinct where Edwards worked to the spot where he was shot.

President of the Grand Council of Guardians, Charles Billups, says the gathering will help keep pressure on NYPD and the DA’s office to conduct a fair and accurate investigation into the death of the fallen officer.

Billups wants a special prosecutor to be assigned to look at shooting incidents like Edwards’: “It’s unfair to put the police department in the position of policing themselves.”

Omar Edwards’ father, Ricardo, plans to attend the vigil, as well as Dexter Brown, who was shot by a fellow officer in 1998

Also in attendance will be Stanley Ridley, the father of Christopher Ridley, a black Mount Vernon officer shot and killed in 2008 by his white colleagues as he intervened in a street fight.