Queens Gazette Pitches Staycations; Boat Races, Libraries the Big Draws


Earlier the city asked New Yorkers to take “staycations” to save themselves money and to increase the city’s declining tourism income. Local papers are picking up the charge. The new Queens Gazette encourages us to “‘Staycation’ In Queens, See The World.” “Any adult who is a resident of this borough,” they say, “will be hard pressed to complain of a lack of leisure time activities.” Queens has the Mets, tennis, and so forth, but it also has the Hong Kong Dragon Boat races in August. Also, “The borough’s children have no reason to claim to be bored,” as “The Queens Borough Public Library offers a far-reaching summer reading program, and many of the branch buildings in which it takes place have been recently reopened after extensive renovations, making them even more delightful places to pass summer afternoons reveling in the printed word…” In case that doesn’t have residents unpacking their suitcases, the Queens Gazette plays the multicultural card: “As far as we know, the borough’s inhabitants come from at least 107 countries and speak a total of 126 languages.” Finally they get to the heart of the matter: “Nor will most of the delights to be found on the streets of Queens put a hole in one’s wallet or exceed a credit card limit.” OK, pal, now you’re talking our language. Come on, Metro Athletic Dragons!