Quick Hits – 6/25/2009


Twitpic from GiGi_NYC.

Welcome the new bus ad campaign for atheism! Though we think that, as a market for this product, New York is pretty well fished out.

This weekend, the Pride Parade — by which we of course mean the Immigrant’s Pride Parade on Sixth Avenue between West 37th and 57th Streets this Saturday. Would you like to help represent the Republic of Georgia? They’re looking for people.

At a recent Senate health care hearing, instead of focusing on the Senators and witnesses, an NPR photographer took a picture of the lobbyists watching their puppets dance. The picture is provided with helpful links to their names, firms, and expenditures.

Andre Serrano took some new campaign pictures of the Reverend Billy. So far none of them show the Rev immersed in urine.

A Journal of Sexual Medicine article on the “growing off-label use” of testosterone reports that in 2006 and 2007 doctors wrote two million prescriptions for testosterone a year, and that 21 percent of them were written for women. This will be a set-up for Jay Leno by the end of the week.

OK, one more medical headline: “Psychology Researchers Finding Patriotic Music May Close Minds, Children’s Music May Open Them.” “Songs like ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat,'” Kansas State researchers found in tests, “stimulated a pro-social response.” Now you know what to play at your next party.