A Chat with Michael Jackson’s Attorney, and a Beyond-Devastating Missive from Lisa Marie


At this point we’re drowning in both Michael Jackson eulogies and carefully curated roundups of Michael Jackson eulogies, and while there’s plenty of that to go around — here are excellent dispatches from Voice sister papers in St. Louis and Nashville, just for starters — the best stuff I’ve read today (other than Chuck Eddy etc. in the Voice‘s own deep archives) has a more personal bent: people who actually knew MJ and can actually begin to shed some light on easily the most enigmatic, unknowable superstar of all time — in addition to the biggest.

In that vein friend-of-SOTC Randall Roberts over at the LA Weekly chats with MJ’s longtime attorney, Bob Sanger, who sat next to Jackson all throughout 2005’s profoundly unpleasant 2005 trial for sexual abuse. The bit at the very end about Neverland Ranch, which in Sanger’s view the police raided until they drove MJ from the place permanently, is particularly brutal: “He had his tree. He would go up in this tree, and he wrote some of his songs there. It’s kind of like a historic place, but for him it was a very personal place.”

Of course, in terms of pure tear-jerking unpleasantness, nothing beats Lisa Marie Presley’s MySpace missive. “The hardest decision I have ever had to make, which was to walk away and let his fate have him, even though I desperately loved him and tried to stop or reverse it somehow.” Jesus Christ. It is time for the weekend in a way it’s never been time for the weekend before.