Coup in Review: Dems, GOP Do Quickie, Dems Honor Dead Celebs, Parker Apologizes


Michael Jackson madness met Albany madness today as the Republicans-plus-Espada and the Democrats enacted their now customary ritual of holding separate sessions: the Democrats had a moment of silence for Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, while the GOP-plus-E, perhaps worried about political fallout, just had “a general moment of silence.” That only took a few minutes, and the two sub-senates adjourned and took meetings, with Espada, Dean Skelos, Malcolm Smith and John Sampson emerging from theirs to say there was no deal yet between the two teams but they were going to work on it over the weekend.

Also, Kevin Parker apologized profusely for his remarks about Governor Paterson’s “coke-sniffing” and “staff-banging”: “Many times people have thrown these admissions back in the Governor’s face to gain political advantage. Today I became one of them.”

Update: Governor Paterson claims he has stopped paying the senators because they’re not really working.