Craigslist Gun Shooter Found Mentally Ill, Remanded to DOH


Jesus Ortiz, the man who shot his East Village neighbor after
buying a gun on Craigslist
, was committed to the Department of
Health and Mental Hygiene in a criminal court hearing in Manhattan
yesterday. He was being held by the Department of Corrections since the
incident last July. Often defense lawyers will argue that their clients
are mentally ill and therefore not fully responsible for their crimes.
But in this case, even the city agreed that Ortiz had serious mental
health issues and needed to be institutionalized.

And so, again, we ask: how was this (now more clearly) mentally-ill man
able buy a gun on Craigslist? Craigslist spokesman Jim Buckmaster tells the Voice that they
don’t allow the sale of firearms, and “to my knowledge
it has not been established that the defendant purchased a gun on
Craigslist.” So we’ll have to wait for what comes out in the courtroom
for an answer.

And how was he able to get a permit? (He is reported, but not confirmed,
to have had one.) The District Attorney’s office won’t comment. So far,
all we know is that it was an individual and not a gun shop that sold
him the gun.

While Craigslist doesn’t allow gun ads, founder Craig Newmark said
earlier this month at an annual conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in
George Washington University
that he is considering allowing the ads on
the site.

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