More Michael Jackson Reactions




In death, Michael Jackson gets Baba Booeyed.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York eases on down the road of The Wiz: “As is well known, Michael Jackson was most happy in his fantasy lands — and the New York of The Wiz is pure fantasy. The city that inspired it is gone. Michael Jackson is gone. Roger Ebert wrote yesterday, on the occasion of Jackson’s sudden death, ‘Oz was where he wanted to live. [Scarecrow] was his most truly autobiographical role. He could understand a character who felt stuffed with straw.'”

This morning 21 Michael Jackson albums were on the iTunes Top 100 — including places one through five.

Harlem memorializes MJ: “Many people stood in a state of utter shock and disbelief, while others brought their boom boxes and held them up in the air blasting Micheal Jackson tunes on both sides of 125th Street. Passing cars blared their horns while MJ’s greatest hits streamed out of their open windows.” And the Apollo gave him the marquee one last time.

10-year-old Anderson Cooper was at Studio 54 with Michael Jackson. “Child welfare authorities probably want to talk to my mom.”

New York magazine asks: What about the children?

2002: MJ is named an honorary director of the Exeter City Football Club.

At Emdashes, Martin Schneider on MJ’s appearances in the New Yorker over the years: “The first mention of Michael Jackson in The New Yorker that I could find is from July 14, 1975. It was in the Talk of the Town and it had two parts, both by Jamaica Kincaid (I think).”

Update: Our Sound of the City blog will be posting vintage Village Voice reviews of Jackson’s music, and other related Jacksonia, throughout the day.