Rightwing Site Uses the Voice, Dirty Jokes to Beg for Money


Our Rightbloggers columns frequently get “thanks for the link” messages from its victims, and we are only too happy to have obliged. Mockery’s like manure — it’s no good unless you spread it around.

But today we learn that World Net Daily, the Obama “birther” site known affectionately around the blogsophere as Wingnut Daily, is actually using the Voice in a fundraising pitch.

WND climaxes a long screed against the potty-mouthed Liberal Media (“Rachel Maddow managed to pack 36 oral-sex references into a six minute and 54 second segment on the tea parties”) with an account of Matt Lauer’s 2008 roast: “I cannot quote any of it here, but let the first sentence of the Village Voice‘s lengthy eyewitness report suffice: ‘Just got back from the Hilton in midtown after three hours of dick and pussy jokes from some of the biggest stars of TV and film.'”

So that’s what’s behind the traffic spike — WND readers coming to read the dick and pussy jokes! They go on to ask you to “consider becoming a WND ‘subscriber'” — that is, send them money. How can they miss, with such great taste in sources? It’s our turn to thank them, and to hope their appeal does them as much good as it did us.