Somebody Got Murdered: (Update) Did Queens Man Meet His Killer On The Internet?


DATE: Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 7:34 p.m.

LOCATION: 105-28 65 Avenue, Queens.

Queens prosecutors say they have indicted a male escort in the stabbing murder of a Queens man on June 17.

Alexys Fermaintt, 30, of Massachusetts was charged with murder 2, robbery 1 and illegal weapons possession, according to Det. Joseph Bey’s criminal complaint.

Bey writes that Fermaintt stabbed Pecora several times, and admitted to stealing his computer, cell phone and watch. Pecora was found dead in his sixth floor apartment at 105-28 65th Avenue.

Fermaintt claimed to detectives that Pecora attacked him first with the knife during an argument over a fee for sex, prosecutors said. He said Pecora met him on the internet, and they agreed to meet at the victim’s home for the day.

Pecora was found after his sister called his cell phone, and a cab driver answered.The driver told Pecora’s sister that he had been given the phone by a passenger who didn’t have cash to pay a fare earlier this week, the News says. The mystery passenger also gave the cabbie a watch.

“It’s an absolute shock,” Roberto Sonabria, a neighbor of the victim, told the News. “It’s a family neighborhood and he was a nice man.”

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