Sound of the City Officially Rejected from VW Bugs Vampire Weekend Cover Band


You may have already heard that the meme-baiting Vampire Weekend cover band will be staffed by four Princetonians and will be named “The VW Bugs.” We, unfortunately, found this fact out the hard way: through brutal, real-world rejection.

Wanting nothing more than to pretend to be the guy who pretends to be Paul Simon, we asked to audition for the band yesterday:


I’m sure you’ve already received a huge amount of responses, but here’s mine all the same. I am 21 (as of today!), recently graduated from Yale, and am a pretty big Vampire Weekend fan. I think I bare a fair resemblance to Ezra, especially with a nice pair of Wayfarers. I sing and, though I’m not as confident on guitar, I’d love to at least audition for you. I can certainly pull off the preppy swagger – it kind of comes with the territory, right?



So charming! So disarmingly charming/earnest, even if completely false! Note the studied use of an Oxford comma! Unfortunately, we were sorely disappointed when we received the following response:

Hey Ben. Thanks so much for responding but we have already filled the band with four Princeton Students. I’m not being sarcastic. We really have. You are welcome to come hang tho.

The VW Bugs Band Manager

If we “come hang,” does that make us faux-groupies?