The Blogroll Gazette–La Cense Is Here; Top Chef Masters Gets a Bad Guy


This week in food blogs…

The highly anticipated La Cense burger truck finally arrived in all its grass-fed-beef glory. Midtown Lunch opted out of the free burgers for food bloggers to pay for his burger like a regular customer, and deemed it good, but not great.

Eater loved the last Top Chef Masters episode, declaring Ludo Lefebvre the show’s first real villain. The L.A.-based French chef swore up and down the show, accused Rick Bayless of copying him, and asked of the judges, “Are you sure?” when they announced he didn’t win.

Bacon and chocolate are the new peanut butter and chocolate. Among the many incarnations of the pair is Mo’s Bacon Bar. The Atlantic Food Channel takes a look at the backstory of the sweet-and-savory duo and how they came to be wed.

Eat Me Daily couldn’t get enough of Paula Deen’s appearance on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, which included, among other great moments, an encounter with a drag queen who calls herself “Paul A. Deen.”

CHOW has drafted a sensible guide to the etiquette of snapping photos of meals in restaurants. For starters, “Don’t take multiple shots from multiple angles, kneel on the banquette, or rearrange the table.”

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