The Botanical Gardens Get Foodie & “What’s Up with These Dumb, Pornographic Fast Food Ads?”


The New York Botanical Garden is embracing the fresh food movement this summer with its new Edible Garden program, which will feature such temporary exhibitions as “Tropical Fruits, Roots and Shoots.” Martha Stewart helped the Botanical Garden revamp its herb garden, which now includes a variety of herbs used in cooking.
[NY Daily News]

A comprehensive set of Green Dining Best Practices devised by the Environmental Defense Fund and food service firm Restaurant Associates includes guidelines for purchasing, packaging and transporting food, as well as preparation, presentation, and cleaning. Tests show the best practices can save $85,000 per site, avoid 275 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and cut landfill waste by 60 tons a year.

“What’s Up with These Dumb, Pornographic Fast Food Ads?” asks The Atlantic. The problem with sexy ads from Burger King and Carl’s Jr. is that studies show they don’t work on women. Overtly sexual advertising is everywhere, but it’s the Laffer curve of the marketing industry.
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Screme, the American name for Aldo, Israel’s largest gelato company, will open its first store in North America at the end of June on the Upper West Side, the first of 10 to open in the New York area by the end of the year. The company has 5,000 recipes, including limonana, a lemon and mint sorbet that will be called mojito here.
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When Bill Marriott, longtime CEO of the eponymous hotel chain, ordered the lobster risotto at a Florida location, it was bad, and led to an investigation and in-depth revision of the hotels’ restaurant menus. The dish has since been fixed and others replaced. The chain is also eyeing local foods to incorporate in its menus.