Report from Brooklyn’s Unfancy Food Show


A Fish-eye view of the under-the-tent festivities is provided by the bottom of a copper pan hanging over The Brooklyn Kitchen stall.

Williamsburg’s East River Bar and an adjacent side yard were the site of the Unfancy Food Show, sponsored by It ran from noon till 6 pm in sweltering heat, and there was a $5 admission charge–but the event was thronged nonetheless. There were approximately 20 exhibitors, and attendees repaired to the bar afterwards for pints of Six Points ale.

The event was timed to coincide with the opening day of the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center, which, of course, has thousands of exhibitors. Actually, some of the food at the Unfancy Foods Show was pretty fancy, including salty caramels, exotic pickles, chocolate ice cream devoid of sugar and dairy, etc…

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From Marlow and Sons came slider-size sandwiches of brisket or whitefish salad, the former decorated with pickled purple onion.

Mmmmmm, salty caramels from Nunu Chocolate.

And what would a Brooklyn food event be without an appearance by the lactose-tolerant Consider Bardwell Farm?

Among the attendees were food-journalism superstars Alan Richman (left) and Corby Kummer–who between them must have a gross of James Beard Awards.

Chillin’ afterward with Six Points in the East River Bar.