ABC No Rio Saved By the City


Huge news for ABC No Rio, the impossibly resilient Rivington street punk space/zine library/community center that as recently as last week was struggling to come up with the money building inspectors had demanded they spend demolishing and rebuilding their iconic, code-violating space: The city is bailing them out. ABC will receive $1.65 million dollars from the two-man team of Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer and City Councilman Alan J. Gerson, money that will go towards a new building and continuing the good work the space has been doing since it opened in 1980. Somewhere Rudy Guiliani, who did his best in the ’90s to evict the community center and sell it to an eager developer, is grinding his teeth and ripping a Chris Ofili print into tiny little pieces.

Punk Institution Receives City Money for New Building [NY Times]