Bloomberg Threatens Army of 3 a.m. Callers to Renew Mayoral Control of Schools


While the Albany Coup are a good laugh for you and for us, Mayor Bloomberg has to worry about the fact that mayoral control expires tomorrow and the state senate has to reauthorize it. This weekend the Mayor underlined the urgency with a press conference, promising that the city would have to go to court if the school system is allowed to revert to its old school-board process. Chancellor Joel Klein added, “I don’t want to spend my summer meeting with the lawyers.” Bloomberg says he’ll summon the citizenry if necessary and give them the names, addresses and home phone numbers of state senators so they can “call them at 3 in the morning.” But don’t fret, kids: whatever happens, Klein says summer school will start on Wednesday.

The Mayor also remotely addressed the Personal Democracy Forum via Skype, talking about the city government’s use of technology. “If any of you from around the world want to move here,” he said, “we would love to have you. We need taxpayers.”