Coup in Review: Judge Orders Senators to Do Work For Real Tomorrow; Will Troopers Tase Truants?


Well, Governor Paterson finally got someone to listen to him. State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi is ordering all 62 members of the state senate into session at the Governor’s request. And none of this half-go-in, half-go-out shit either — everybody shows up at once. (“To come into session as separate groups is a fiction,” says the judge. “I will not be part of that fiction.”) And now that he’s got them by court order, Paterson is going to bring in about 40 bills for the senators to work on. The Republicans plan to appeal. If the senators won’t cooperate, can Paterson get state troopers to use truncheons and tasers on them? And if so, will they put the state senate TV feed on for it?