Latest Sarah Palin Permanent-Campaign Prop: Wonkette


As nobody cares what goes on up in Alaska, this is how Sarah Palin stays in the news: Wonkette made fun of the big stink Palin and her minions made over some blogger who Photoshopped the face of a radio talk-show guy onto an image of the famously disabled Trig Palin. The famous political humor site also linked to a Something Awful-related Photoshop contest at which alternate takes of the Trig photo were offered. Now it’s time for outrage over the anti-outrage! “Wonkette promoted and joked about even cruder Photoshops of Trig,” complains Legal Insurrection. “Wonkette & Co. Continue Jihad Against Trig Palin,” says Moonbattery. Ed Driscoll mourns that Wonkette author Ken Layne, who created a slogan rightbloggers used to like, has “abandoned” the slogan’s “rhetoric and idealism.” “As readers know, I’ve been blogging this issue at the micro level all weekend,” says American Power. “I’ve even been attacked as a ‘madman’…” “Does she the author watch Triumph of the Will to get her his jollies?” roars The Rhetorican. “Does she think the camp inmates in Schindler’s List are the villains?”

Etc. Well, as they say in show biz, it’s when they stop talking about you that you’ve got to worry. The Governor is not going to get a lot of prime pixels with stories like “Palin tweets that Emmonak residents are meeting subsistence needs,” so these ginned-up controversies are her best bet. The next source of Palin outrage: her Morton’s Toe!