Oh, All Right: Richard Aborn at Pride


Manhattan D.A. Candidate Richard Aborn’s people must have noticed that we had a photo of Cy Vance at the Pride Parade, so they sent us this. We don’t want to lose our hard-won reputation for objectivity, so here he is (the tall drink o’ water in the middle) with some of his supporters from Glad & Lesbian Independent Democrats. Leslie Crocker Snyder, we’re still waiting for your Pride pix. We know you have the Stonewall Democrats’ endorsement, but ours is an increasingly visual age.

Update: Vance strikes back! He sends a statement on Madoff: “The severity of this sentence is a fair reflection of the damage he inflicted… It is essential for prosecutorial offices like the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to play an aggressive role, as it has historically, in investigating and prosecuting cases involving financial fraud.” OK, so we know he’s a hardass.

Update 2: Stanley Patz, father of the famously long-missing Etan Patz, has endorsed Leslie Crocker Snyder for D.A. “I’m confident that as Manhattan district attorney, Judge Snyder will pursue justice for Etan” and “work every day to protect all of Manhattan’s children,” he says.