Pope Makes It Official: Dolan Consecrated as Archbishop


When we saw the headline at Catholic New York, “New Yorkers Can Watch Archbishop Dolan Receive Pallium on EWTN,” we thought the poor man was sick and receiving some sort of chemotherapy. Happily, it actually meant that in a ceremony in Rome Pope Benedict XVI put a circular woolen band around the neck of Timothy Dolan, making him Archbishop of New York for real. Seven other new ABs also received the pallium. At the service the Pope compared the Archbishops’ new mantles to “lost sheep around their shoulders,” and said as pastoral shepherds they “must know how to resist enemies, the wolves” and “must lead, indicating the path and preserving the unity of the flock.”

The Daily News caught up with Dolan on his way to Rome, where he said that at the July 10 G-8 Conference, where Obama will mean the Pope, Dolan expects Benedict to tell the President, “never forget the needs of the poor. But while you’re at it, let’s not forget the virtues of private capital.” Dolan also said, “We would always condemn unbridled cutthroat capitalism as well as socialism.” So, we needn’t expect any dangerous new economic ideas from this Archbishop. Image via What Does The Prayer Really Say?