Small Fancy Foods & Big Spoiled Food


Spoiled food alert: The latest in food safety scares is JBS Swift Beef’s expanded recall of 380,000 pounds of meat products potentially contaminated with E. coli. Some 24 illnesses in multiple states prompted the investigation in the products.

Oh, no they didn’t! The Nestle plant at the center of the recent Tollhouse cookie E. coli outbreak apparently repeatedly refused to give inspectors access to pest-control records, environmental-testing programs and other information, according to inspection reports covering the past five years.
[Wall Street Journal]

It looks like exhibitors at the annual Fancy Food Show being held at the Javits Center are downsizing–or at least downshifting–in response to the current economic climate. Pacific Plaza Imports, which specializes in caviar, has moved away from expensive Middle Eastern imports and toward American farmed sturgeon roe. Chuao Chocolatier is now offering .3-ounce chocolates called Chocopods, which combine a lower price and fewer calories.
[NY Daily News]

The recession hasn’t been bad for everyone. Grocery stores are selling more of their most basic offerings, such as “center aisle” products like private-label versions of canned vegetables, breakfast cereals, and whole-wheat bread, as well as bundled ingredients for homemade meals.
[Wall Street Journal]

The Mediterranean diet is still good for you–well, most of it, according to a new study. Apparently, heavy consumption of fish and cereals, and avoiding dairy products, does not make a huge difference in how long people from the Mediterranean live. It’s those who drink moderately and eat little meat and lots of produce, legumes, and olive oil that tend to live longer.
[NY Daily News]