The Brunch Report–Bubble and Squeak at The Clerkenwell


Ah, brunch–the weekend ritual marred by overpriced eggs and long lines. When we find a brunch spot that whips up interesting, tasty food without a long wait, we feel duty-bound to point it out.

The Clerkenwell, a newish British gastropub on the LES, serves the usual eggs Benedict, but it also offers more interesting stuff, like a hefty full English breakfast (sausage, bacon, tomato, mushroom, two fried eggs, toast and tea), soft boiled eggs and soldiers (toasted fingers of bread to dip in the yolk), and bubble and squeak.

Bubble and squeak is a British invention, and like many good things it originated as a way to stretch leftovers. Equal parts cold mashed potatoes and cooked green cabbage are formed into cakes and pan-fried. The name is said to come from the sound the potato and cabbage make as they cook. The resulting bubble and squeak is often served with sausage or leftover boiled beef, but at the Clerkenwell, it’s served with two fried eggs.

We wished the potato-cabbage cake had sported a browned crust, but still, it made a simple, scrumptious dish, especially with a horseradish-heavy Bloody Mary on the side.

49 Clinton Street