The Joy of Michael Jackson, Encapsulated in Four Web-Cartoon Panels


I’m torn today between relief that most blogs ‘n’ such are largely focusing on other, less weighty concerns to alleviate absolute MJ overload, and sadness that his death is in that way just another meme, another trope we will eventually tire of. (Here we have another way to put it.) Nonetheless, a brief nod to ever-fantastic web comic Achewood, who dealt with the trauma first in the voice of the strip’s resident hedonistic playboy thong-wearing cat, and now offers a both sweet and bone-chilling strip proper, featuring the above sequence, wherein a morose teddy bear performs the Moonwalk for a young, awestruck otter, as an even more morose (and occasionally hedonistic) cat looks on. This gets at MJ’s power as well as anything, and why not.