Who Killed Jay-Z’s Barber?


For a song that’s all about killing certain trends (auto-tune, mostly, and skinny jeans) and jumpstarting other, more presumably acceptable trends (wearing black, Versace sunglasses, etc.), what are we to make of Jay-Z’s current haircut in the video for “D.O.A.”? What to even call it? Is there a word for shaggy and unkempt yet somehow uniform in length, even on the sides? Given that Kanye, the most unshameable star in rap, was essentially railroaded into shaving off his own prodigious mullet out of sheer embarrassment, can Jay-Z buck even the anti-bad hair trend, or will he too give in before all is said and done? (Yes, hopefully.) Anyway, the video involves a card game and some pick-up basketball and also stars LeBron James, Harvey Keitel, and Lyor Cohen, none of whom would be caught dead with what Jay-Z is unapologetically rocking on his head these days. And then, thank god, he shaves it. The end.