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Who Will Get Michael Jackson’s Kids?


In the aftermath of the sad passing of pop legend Michael Jackson, the question remains: Who’s gonna get the three kids? A whole other query would be “Who’s the biological father of the kids?” (I never for a second thought that Michael, who was filled with self-loathing issues, would want to pass on his pre-surgery looks to some newborns, though he swore he did. And thank God he couldn’t pass on his post surgery looks.) There’s also the matter of who’s the mother of “Blanket”–but I totally digress. My original question was “Who’ll get these sad kids, who must be more tragically confused than ever?” so let me stick to that.

The harrowing choices are:

Debbie Rowe–who, despite abandoning her parental rights, might find herself suddenly becoming the richest mobile home owner in history.

Or–much–worse: Michael’s parents, Joe and Katherine. Oy. Let’s not forget that, according to Michael himself, Joe was the source of the pop star’s raging insecurities and self esteem issues. Joe’s the one who supposedly called him names, made him feel “too black,” and refused to show him love and respect. An old friend of Michael’s just told me, “Michael would say, ‘My father has never hugged me or congratulated me on what I’d done’.” Would this cold, angry man really be the best paternal figure to have around these bedraggled offspring?

Or maybe he’d be nice to them because they look so white!