Booze News–Ludacris Launches Cognac; Gastropubs Lag in Gastronomy


The farm-to-glass movement parallels the farm-to-table movement, only the chefs are of the bar variety. Such bar chefs prefer to shop for fresh produce at farmers markets and organic-food stores, and shun pre-mixed syrups and bottled juices.
[USA Today]

Upscale gastropubs are getting the pub part right, but the gastro part wrong. Studio Square has great beer, but a bland burger. Pony Bar serves craft beer chilled from a cask, but the roast beef sandwich is tough. To pair beer with food the way we pair wine with food, the food must be as good as the beer. Duh.
[NY Times]

Do South African wines reek of burnt rubber? South Africans who dismiss the criticism are accused of being burnt rubber denialists. Wines of South Africa says the existence of the taste has yet to be scientifically proven, but the organization is committed to finding out if it’s real.
[NY Times]

We should drink more champagne, says cocktail historian David Wondrich. Not only because an extraordinary amount of effort and skill goes into making it, but also because a spontaneous glass or two will do wonders for your morale, as it did for Winston Churchill’s.

Hip Hop star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges has launched a new cognac at the normally staid Vinexpo wine and spirits trade show in Bordeaux this week. Conjure is a “custom blend for the hip, urban market.”
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